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Science and technology is the primary productive force. Propped by the introduction of new technologies and industrialization, YRPG has established a complete new medicine research and development system. In the beginning, YRPG has already formed its own team for medicine research and development, that is, YRPG Medicine Research Institute. With 30-year development, the Institute was judged Nationally Designated Enterprise Technology Center by the original State Economy and Trade Commission in 2001, and Nationally Designated Enterprise Innovative R & D Center by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2006. In recent years, YRPG has invested over 2 billion Yuan to set up research institutes in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Sichuan, etc. and organized Post-Doctoral Research Center, Academician Workstation, National Engineering Research Center of TCM Preparation Technology, National Key Lab of Pharmaceutical Preparation New Technology, Key Lab of TCM Quality Control and other nationally or provincially designated R & D centers.

The Institute consists of over 400 professional R & D personnel, 15 advanced R & D counsels, 30 high-level personnel, over 50 holders of Ph.D. degree and over 160 holders of master degree. Those personnel are capable of R & D on innovative chemical medicines, biological medicines, modern TCM and new pharmaceutical preparations. There are around 200 medicines under study. Those researches cover 6 disease fields including anti-infection, anti-cancer, cardiovascular, digestion, analgesia, and endocrine.

"Promote R & D abilities and open up a road with our own characteristics." General Secretary Hu Jintao expressed such an expectation to YRPG. The words inspired the Institute to bear technological innovation in mind, undertake the responsibility of returning the country with the industrial production, and make contributions to the rejuvenation of national medicine. The Institute will always be market-oriented, focus on innovation, combine imitation with innovation, adhere to the core value of "innovation and high quality to the benefit of people", follow the strategy of simultaneous developing chemical medicines, Chinese patent medicines and biological medicines, and be committed to developing safe, effective and stable medicines. Through 5-year development, YRPG aims to make the human resources and R & D ability of the Institute leading at home and abroad, providing technological props for the goal of a world-known pharmaceutical enterprise and the top pharmaceutical enterprise in China.