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Social Responsibility

Over the past four decades, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group (YRPG)has always been following the philosophy of "Committed for Better and Dedicated for Caring All". While dedicating itself into the cause of rejuvenating national medical industry, we also bear in mind our social responsibility, pouring our care and love to our motherland and more people in need of help. We are the vanguard in a wide range of charity activities, including disaster relief, poverty alleviation, helping PLA and their dependents and helping students on their schooling. With donation reaching over 300 million in total, we are always living up to our responsibility as a national pharmaceutical company.

YRPG Charity Society

YRPG Charity Society was founded in 2003. It has directly donated RMB 20 million yuan to the society... Detail>>

Social Responsibility

Between 2001 and 2003, YRPG, working with Ministry of Health, Poverty Alleviation Office...Detail>>

Donation on August 1

Since 1995, YRPG has been celebrating every Army's Day by giving medicine to and hosting performances...Detail>>

Green Pioneer

YRPG is always valuing environmental protection and following international environmental...Detail>>