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YRPG Won the Honor as Quality Benchmark of National Industrial Enterprises
Author:Wu Tingting Date:2016/9/23 17:17:00 Read:2324
Recently, China MIIT has published typical cases for Quality Benchmark of National Industrial Enterprise 2016, Yangtze River pharmaceutical Group won great honor with its G-D-P management mode. This is another national level quality honor to YRPG after its acquisition of Jiangsu province Quality Award in 2014 and China Quality Award Nomination in 2016, marking the quality management mode and innovative management have been highly recognized and confirmed by the nation.

Since April, MIIT has officially set up the selection of “Quality Benchmark” 2016, selecting typical cases for national quality benchmark from 3 aspects, such as quality management(technical) method, internet application and brand cultivation, with applicability, effectiveness and progressiveness. Through recommendation from each organization, expert review and enterprise defense, 33 typical cases have been regarded as the national Quality Benchmarks 2016.

In the development of more than 4 decades, YRPG keeps following Committed for Better and Dedicated for Caring All as the corporate philosophy, and has gradually formed the quality management mode with its own characteristics – the G-D-P pharmaceutical management mode based on this philosophy. G represents the advanced international quality management regulation, based on which YRPG set the scientific quality management system covering R&D, production and sales; D is the core of management mode, YRPG carries forward transformation and upgrading to become larger and stronger, it indicates the driving force of enterprise development and progressiveness; P means 5P mode in enterprise strategy, indicating the latest development direction of international management theory, which YRPG has put into effect and shows leadership and perceptiveness of the enterprise. In all, present management mode possesses generalizability upon other enterprises units, especially the ones of pharmaceutical nature.

For many years, YRPG always adheres to the core value as Good Quality, People Oriented, Great Innovation, Supreme kindness, it has established a strict quality control system with all staff participating and whole process under command. Focusing on R&D, procurement, production, release, storage and after-sales as 6 main checkpoints. Our internal quality control standard is higher than the national. YRPG holds Quality Month activity annually in March and September, and has already held 35 sessions up till now. Our Gingko Leaf Extract and Gingko Leaf Tablet of have acquired the EU-GMP certificates, and thus allows YRPG to become the first Chinese Gingko leaf related manufacturer to march in European market. In this July, YRPG won 92 first prizes for QC Team Achievements, and has held on the top spot for 12 years. Meanwhile, it also won the first place among TOP 100 enterprises of national pharmaceutical industry.

Nothing can beat YRPG down, the only concern should be quality!
Said president/general manager of YRPG - Mr. Xu Jingren. The company will keep strengthening quality management in the future and refer the Global Performance Excellence Management as its benchmark, pushing forward authentication of US FDA and EU-GMP. YRPG aims at higher quality management level and the transition to an international brand, we are dedicated for building new quality model for Chinese pharmaceutical industry as well as winning glory for ethnic medical industry.