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YRPG Grasped 5 International QC Gold Awards
Author:Wu Tingting Date:2016/9/13 8:48:00 Read:2538
Recently, a pleasant news has come from ICQCC held in Bangkok, Thailand, indicating that YRPG has grasped 5 international QC Gold Awards. After winning 2 Gold Awards and 3 Bronze Awards last year, this is the first time for YRPG to achieve such Grand Slam, which indicates that the quality management of YRPG has already marched to the international arena.

ICQCC has been known as “Olympics for Quality” for QC industry, it represents the global highest arena for publishments of QC activities. It was funded by Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers, together with South Korean Standardization Association and Pioneer Quality Control Research Foundation in 1975, aiming to arise the attention from all industries to quality. So far ICQCC has been carried out for its 41st session.。

12 nations and areas in total has attended the present conference. China sent a delegation with 90 members, including China Airspace, China Nuclear Power, Huawei, YRPG, Haier, Citroen and etc. all together 18 enterprises with 34 topics to publish. 5 topics of YRPG were published and all granted with Gold Medal, which was a historic breakthrough and made YRPG a dark horse of this event.

As the “Main force” of Chinese pharmaceutical group, YRPG performed well at its premiere in ICQCC, when it grasped 2 Gold and 3 Bronze Awards. At this time, YRPG, again, broke the record and implemented the “Grand Slam”. Among the awarded topics, the topic “Research on Cleaning Method of Punch in Tablet Machine” innovatively provide a new cleaning method for tablet machine, which employs detergent with simple composition and construction, rather than the former complex one. This method can meet the requirement for equipment cleaning and meanwhile reduce the risk caused by residue of detergent to product quality, it complies with EU standard. The topic “Design and application of nitrogen charging arrangement for Cephalosporin powder for injection Type A” emphasizes the reduction of remaining oxygen quantity within cephalosporin power for injection. The nitrogen charging arrangement designed by ourselves successfully control the remaining oxygen quantity to 3%, thus it increases the stability of product color, decreasing the growth rate of cephalosporin polymer, and effectively improved the safety of product quality.

“Attending ICQCC, competing with world-class enterprises and achieving Grand Slam, are all due to our capability and the unremitting pursuit for good quality.”  One of the leaders of YRPG-assistant to general manager Mr. Sha Qi said. To prepare for this conference, YRPG painstakingly selected 5 of 100 QC group topics, through thoughtful arrangement, continuous improvement, our teams are certain with good behaviors as well as the awards.

YRPG persist in “Good Quality, People Oriented, Great Innovation, Supreme kindness” as the core value, establishing the quality management system with entire personnel and focusing on overall process. The company strictly controls the process of R&D, procurement, production, discharging, storage and aftersales, we have established an internal control management standard, which is higher than the national one. YRPG holds the “Quality Month” activityin March and September annually. Over 100 QC groups related to production, science & research, quality have gone through more than 800 key topics in total, and acquired around 10 QC achievements, filling the blank of internal and overseas technology.

The efforts of staff for better quality has been recognized by the society. We successively won ”Jiangsu Quality Award”, nomination for “China Quality Award”, “China Benchmarking Enterprise of Quality”, “Global Performance Excellence Award (World-class)” and other honors. In this July, YRPG won the 12th First Prizes of QC Achievement Publishments on the national pharmaceutical Industrial assembly. In the same month, YRPG won the first place among TOP100 enterprises of China Pharmaceutical Industry, indicating that it has ranked in TOP3 for consecutive 7 years.

President of YRPG-Mr. Xu Jingren considers, the good results of YRPG in this QC competition marks the quality management of enterprise has reached an advanced level in China, which meets the international requirements. From now, YRPG should keep strengthening the quality management, referring the Global Performance Excellence Managements as benchmark, push forward the certification process of FDA and EU GMP. YRPG aims at improving the quality management and forge “YRPG” into a global brand as well as the “quality benchmark” for Chinese pharmaceutical industry, thus it will win glory for the national medical industry.