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Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group
Combining Tradition with modern Technologies

Top 3 Pharmaceutical Group in China – 308th TOP 500 China Companies –
Marketed Products more than 10 fields and involved in 20 dosage forms and 200 types
1.78Bn US Dollars Total assets +2 million sq.m Facilities – 20 Subsidiary Company –
over 10000 Employées – R&D 500 employees +50PhD +160 M.Scs.


Founded in 1971, YRPG is a national giant cross-regional pharmaceutical group, integrating with research, manufacturing and trading together. It is listed as the one of the 1st Innovative Enterprises by China MIIT.

Headquartered in Taizhou (Jiangsu Province), YRPG has over 13000 employees now, occupying around 3 million square meters. Over 20 subsidiaries are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou etc. The sales network covers all over China.
For decades, YRPG has been following its philosophy of Committed for Better and Dedicated for Caring All and persisting in Good Quality, People Oriented, Great Innovation, Supreme kindness as the core value.

Since 1996, YRPG has been topping Jiangsu pharmaceutical industry for composite economic results. Meanwhile, it has ranked TOP 5 in Chinese pharmaceutical industry, and regarded as one of TOP 500 Chinese enterprises, as well as of TOP 500 tax payers. According to the data published by MIIT, YRPG took the first place in TOP 100 enterprises of Chinese pharmaceutical industry in 2010, 2014 and 2015, and has ranked TOP 1 in Chinese chemical pharmaceutical Industry for consecutive 4 years. It also won the honor of "2014 Chinese Happy Enterprise", as well as "2015 Quality Benchmarking Enterprise". In 2014 and 2015, YRPG won TOP1 among China Bio-pharmaceutical plate respectively with brand strength and brand value.

2 gold medals were achieved by YRPG on ICQCC in 2015, and 5 are awarded in 2016, which may be considered as a grand slam.
YRPG was granted with" 2016 Global Performance Excellence Award" (Word-class), and thus became the 1st and the sole domestic pharmaceutical enterprise to win such honor.

YRPG has obtained the certificates of ISO 9001, ISO 140001 and OHSAS 18001, 6 formulations and 1 TCM extract have passed the EU GMP authentication.

With Omeprazole Enteric-coated Capsules successfully exported to Germany, 44 formulations of 47 strengths, including both Chemicals and TCMs, had been registered successfully and sold in 18 countries or areas in Asia, Africa and East Europe. 70 formulations of 87 strengths are under registration in 44 counties or areas in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.
YRPG keeps moving forward to the top Chinese pharmaceutical company with a worldwide reputation.


YRPG upholds the principle of developing through innovation, and regards research, development and innovation as its strategic foundation.

It is now stepping up the R&D strategy of three medicines in one go.
The company invests 3% of its annual sales revenue into technological innovation, and it has built the Jiangsu (YRPG) New Medicine Institute through industry-university-institution cooperation.

Its R&D platforms include a nation-level class enterprise technological center, a key state-level laboratory of pharmaceutical preparation, and an engineering R&D center for traditional Chinese medicine. With these platforms and a research team of around 400 experts, YRPG has the capacity for the R&D of chemical medicines, biological medicines, and traditional Chinese medicines.

Through years of continuous accumulation and innovation, its products include both Chinese and Western medicines, covering over 10 fields, nearly 20 dosage forms and over 200 medicines and strengths. Nearly 100 drugs for major diseases are currently under research.

YRPG has products under R&D, products under production and products in reserve ensuring sustainable development.
YRPG regards quality as the life of the company. It sticks to the philosophy of Quality originates from design and works continuously to improve its quality control. It now has over 20 products awarded Jiangsu Well-known Brands, 11 Chinese Excellent Products and 9 National Protected TCM Medicine. 2 of YRPG's products won Second Prize for National Science and Technology Progress.

Since 2005, YRPG has consecutively won first-place prizes year after year from the National Pharmaceutical Industry QC. It was also designated a training center by China Food and Drug Administration and Jiangsu Food and Drug Administration.

YRPG also plays an active role when it comes to corporate social responsibility. It has long been a vanguard of humanitarian activities such as disaster relief, poverty alleviation, aid for soldiers and educational financial aid. As an unwavering supporter for progress in national medical science, YRPG has been the sole sponsor of the Chinese Medical Science and Technological Prize for 11 years in a row.
YRPG has also been caring for the health of soldiers for over 10 years. It has invested more than RMB 40 million in the Caring for the Public Health in Western China hosted by 5 ministries and commissions. It donated pharmaceuticals worth RMB five million in the fight against SARS in 2003 and donated RMB 1 million directly through the YRPG Fund for Combating SARS.

After the earthquake in Wenchuan in 2008 and Yushu in 2010, YRPG donated medicines and cash worth RMB 23 million to affected areas; it was the first company outside the affected provinces to respond. To help the disadvantaged social groups in China, YRPG established the YRPG Charity Society, which has donated goods worth over RMB 350 million.

In March 5th 2008, Chinese President Hu Jintao met Mr. Xu Jingren, President of YRPG, and expressed that YRPG step up research and development and blaze a trail of its own, inspiring the company to shoulder more responsibility and make greater contribution.

Looking forward, YRPG will continue working to help building up the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, and serve all human beings scientifically, rigorously and responsibly. In its 12th 5 Year Plan, the group plans to accelerate its transformation from Made in YRPG to Created in YRPG, working relentlessly to become a world-class pharmaceutical company.

Jiangsu (Yangtze River) New Drug Research Institute has been established possessing the first-class facilities and the Research and Development innovation platforms such as the state-level technological center, a key national lab which studies the new technology of pharmaceutical preparation and the national engineering research center of Chinese medicine.

The YRPG R&D Institute now has a professional team with almost 500 members R & D personnel, 15 advanced R & D counsels, 30 high-level personnel, over 50 holders of Ph.D. degree and over 160 holders of master degree who are capable of researching and developing new chemical medicines, Traditional Chinese Medicines and biological medicines.
Through years of continuous accumulation and innovation, products of the enterprise has covered more than 10 fields and involved in 20 dosage forms and 200 types including both Traditional Chinese Medicines and chemical medicines, dedicated to new healthy medicines based on natural products.

At present, the enterprise is committed itself to the research of nearly 100 drugs used to treat serious diseases and the formation of a product echelon with the idea of researching a batch of drugs, producing a batch of drugs and storing a batch of drugs, thus ensuring the consistent and healthy development of the enterprise.

In the varied pharmaceutical preparations of YRPG, 25 products meet USP or BP. 6 products (Omeprazole capsules, Enalapril tablets, Nifedipine Sustained-release tablets, Glimepiride tablet, Sotalol tablets and Gingko Leaf Tablets) in 3 facilities are EU GMP certified; Weisu Granules is recommended to EU market; and Lanqin Oral Solution and Huangqi Oral Solution are awarded Quality System Certificate for Imported & Exported Medicinal Herbs & Preparations.

Till the end of 2014, 44 preparations have been exported to 15 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, and 90 preparations are under registration in 39 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

Over the 40 years, we have obtain over 330 approvals for chemical medicines, over 80 new medicine certificates, and have formulated over 180 state standards for medicine. We are committed to build a constellation of products including anti-inflammatory, anticancer, cardiovascular, digestive, painkilling, internal secretion drugs. We now have well-known products such as Weisu granules, Gingko leaf tablets, dezocine injection.


Levofloxacin Hydrochloride (and Sodium Chloride) China Famous Brand Top 10 Anti-inflammatories
Weidi (Pantoprazole Sodium for Injection) China Top 10 Drugs for Digestive Problems
Tianli (Invert Sugar and Electrolytes Injection) China Famous Brand Top 10 Anti-inflammatories
Jialuoning (Dizocin Injection) National Key New Product and Jiangsu High-tech Product
Ousu (Iohexol Injection) China Famous Brand Torch Program Product
Fake (Cefoxitin Sodium for Injection) Jiangsu Famous Brand
Lancen Oral Solution Jiangsu Famous Brand and Jiangsu High-tech Product
Gingko Leaf Tablets Second Prize for State Sci-tech Progress Jiangsu Famous Brand
Yisu (Enalapril Maleate Tablets) Top 10 Brands for Cardio-vascular Diseases Jiangsu Famous Brand
Landi (Amlodipine Besylate Tablets) Jiangsu Famous Brand
Rensu (Roxithromycin) Jiangsu Famous Brand Jiangsu High-tech Product
Fuwang (Paclitaxel Injection) Jiangsu High-tech Product
Weisu Granules China Famous Brand Jiangsu Famous Brand
Bailemian Capsules Second Prize for State Sci-tech Progress
Qixin (Mecobalamine Capsules) Jiangsu High-tech Product